लामो समय पछि राजु परियार गायीका अमृता नेपालीको साथमा तहल्का मच्चाउँदै इन्द्रेणीमा। के भने राजुले ?

Raute is a nomadic indigenous ethnic group officially recognized by the government of Nepal. They are known for subsistence hunting of langue and macaque monkeys. They gather wild forest tubers, fruits and greens on a regular basis. To obtain grain, iron, cloth and jewellery, they carve wooden bowls and boxes to trade for goods from local farmers. Rautes emphasize that they wish to remain full-time foragers and not assimilate into the surrounding farming population. In this episode, we have brought out sociocultural changes that are occurred in Raute community. Directed By Ratan Devkota Script and Narration Ratan Devkota Editor Kp Devkota Translated By Sunayana Kayastha Camera Kp Devkota Ratan Devkota Saubhagya Shrestha Special Thanks Narendra Mishra Ananta Wagle Rk Adipta Giri Raute Community हाम्रा भिडियोहरु हाम्रो लिखित अनुमतिविना डाउनलोड गरी युट्युब, फेसबुक वा अन्य ठाउँमा अपलोड गर्न पाइँदैन । हाम्रो अनुमतिविना नाफा कमाउने उदेश्यले यी भिडियो सार्वजनिक प्रसारण गर्न पनि पाइँदैन । ------------------- Distribution of our contents by downloading and re-uploading inside and outside YouTube without our written consent is strictly prohibited. However, embedding our videos with proper credits is always welcome. #kathaexpress #thekingofforest #raute